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My latest book, The Lost Gospel of Avalon (co-authored with Archer Luxley) just out from The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, follows my recent Three Problems for Virgil Earp (2011), a Mystery/Western crossover which came after my appearance five years ago in the anthology Sherlock Holmes in America.  It's now 37 years since my first published book, Sherlock Holmes on the  Screen (co-authored in 1977 with Doug Hart, and described later on within this website). In between those two Holmes books, I did a lot of other writing in both Sherlockian and Western genres, and was a proud member of the Western Writers of America... but I've also done other kinds of writing, too... and spent quite a few years being paid to live in the frontier world of the Eighteenth Century, as well... as you'll read herein...  And you'll also see early news of my next book, the 2015 new edition of Doug's and my 1983 book The Films of Christopher Lee, which we did with Sir Christopher himself, and which is not only being reprinted, but will be fully revised and updated and altogether reincarnated as The Christopher Lee Film Encyclopedia.

In late-breaking news, I'm also pleased to announce that my new short story "Carnacki and the President's Vampire" (featuring William Hope Hodgson's immortal "Ghost-Finder") is in Sam Gafford's anthology Carnacki: The New Adventures, just out in December 2013 from Ulthar Press in both paper and Kindle editions, and this book has been nominated for one of 2014's New Pulp Awards: more information follows in this website!


                                                                                                   The pin on my jacket indicates that I                                                                                                                        am a Benedctine Oblate.













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